Best Snoring Apps of 2020

Are you someone that snores while sleeping? Whether you’re certain or not, there is an application that can monitor it for you.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but these snoring applications can monitor the amount of times that you snore, record them for you and even assess the intensities of the snores. Yes, it exists!


The premise of such applications is simple; if you’re not certain whether you snore when you sleep or not, this application can tell you the answer. And, the application will also tell you how intense, or raucous, the snores are. However, the foremost premise is to evaluate medications. If you consume any medications before sleeping, you may want to know how they influence your body; for instance, snores.

It is also imperative to find the reason behind the snores. Whether it is normal or if you have a condition, such as sleep apnea. Snoring is not often an indication of a serious condition. But, that does not mean it can’t be! If not cured, a minor condition can become worse in a short duration of time. Snoring applications can assist you in finding the solution to the problem and can even save you from much serious ailments.


There are many snoring applications to choose from. However, not all of them have all the features that you would need from a snoring application. While there are premium applications that you purchase, we have mentioned some free ones that have similar features and can be advanced to premium versions, if you decide to.


SnoreLab is one of the most rated application on both iOS and Android. The free version of the application features recording, evaluation, assessment and monitoring of your snoring. It is convenient and simple to use; all you have to do is place it besides you while you sleep and you’ll have the results when you wake up.

SnoreLab records your snores, rates them as per their intensity, monitors your sleep and provides cures to reduce snoring. And, SnoreLab also plays nature sounds when you sleep to make you feel more stress-free.

However, the free version only works for three days, after which, you will have to purchase the premium version for $7.99. The premium provides much more features, such as no adverts, unlimited records, comparison charts, and more.


Snore Control is a free application that records snores and sleep-talking, or somniloquy. Not only does it monitor snoring while you sleep but also features a “stop snoring” function that, if you’re using an iOS device, calms you with a sound. With Snore Control, you can determine what causes you to snore while you sleep.

Unlike the above-mentioned application, Snore Control only record your snores. You can also choose the sensitivity of the microphone as per the sound conditions in your room. However, for all the features, you will have to purchase the premium version, which costs $2.99.


SnoreClock is one of the premium applications. It costs $3.99 and records your sleep to monitor whether you snore, someone else does or if there have been any interruptions while you do. It can assist you to examine medications and their usefulness to prevent snores.

SnoreClock can record up to 11 hours of sleep and even shows you a chart for statistics.

As per statistics, almost 40% of all adult men and 24% of all adult women snore on a routine basis. That makes for almost half of all the adult population. This is where snoring applications come in!