Best Sleep Apps of 2020

If you don’t get the required amount of sleep, you will run into complications with your routine, such as an absence of concentration, decrease cognitive function and even diverted attention when driving an automobile. Such problems can be detrimental and can cause serious conditions.

An adult requires at least 8 hours of sleep every night, however, as per most Americans, they only get a maximum of 6 hours.

However, modern technology has found the solution to this problem. There are many applications on Android and iOS devices which are intended to help you sleep better and receive the required amount. These applications monitor your sleep and calm you down to improve your sleep.

In this article, we will mention our picks for the best sleep applications in 2020 for Android and iOS devices.

Our Picks for the Best Sleep Apps of 2020


Sleep Cycle makes use of science to wake you up and make you go to sleep. It uses the sensors in your Android or iOS device, such as the accelerometer, to monitor to sleeping schedule and wakes you when you’ve slept for the required duration. This makes sure that you achieve the optimum amount of time-out.

Unlike the conventional alarm applications, the application only wakes you up when it realizes that you’ve achieved the required duration of sleep. Apart from the alarm, Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep to improve it over-time and make you feel more revitalized.


SleepScore in unlike other applications that you can use. It does require you to wear a watch or place your smartphone on your mattress to monitor your movements. Instead, it uses your device’s microphone to record your sleep. With this information, it gives you a score on your sleep and shows other details, which can help you to make it even better.

There are also many recommendations and advices on the application to improve sleep and it also features a smart alarm. While SleepScore is a free application, you can subscribe for $4.99 a month to access all the premium features, such as a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep and more options to monitor it. You can also receive a report that you can use to consult your doctor.


Headspace is an all-inclusive application for meditation and calmness. It features a dedicated section for sleep-related meditation, Sleepcast, which provides exercises meant to promote sleep and calm tunes which pacifies the mind. Headspace also features an extensive suite of free and premium meditative exercises.

While the free version of Headspace does feature the free meditations and Sleepcast, premium subscribers receive access to the complete suite of meditative exercises with over 40 courses, that are also shorter in contrast to the free version of the application.


Sleepzy, the modern replacement to the Good Morning Alarm Clock application, from Apalon is a sleep-monitoring application, that also features remedies for improved sleep and a smart alarm clock that is intended to wake you up only when you’ve achieved the required duration of sleep.

Sleepzy makes use of your device’s sensors or a smart-watch, such as the Apple Watch, to monitor your sleep and record it over time. You can create a Sleep Diary that keeps a track of all the activities and helps you improve your sleep. The free version of the application has a restriction on the amount of information that you can record and monitor, and it also shows adverts.


Sleep Time+ is one of the premium applications from our picks, however, it is worth it. Distributed by Azumio Inc., the application features sleep-monitoring options, as well as a smart alarm clock. Similar to most of the other applications from our picks, Sleep Time+ uses your device’s sensors to record your sleep activities and only wake you up when you achieve the required duration of sleep.

Sleep Time+ also features a comprehensive breakdown of your sleep activities, and sounds that promote and improve your sleep. In addition to this, iOS users can also access the incorporated HealthKit feature on the application, which is meant to promote sleep.


Noisli became prominent as a browser extension that plays sounds to make you feel calm and concentrated. Their smartphone application has the same purpose! Noisli features an extensive soundboard with hundreds of sounds that you can combine to form your own music.

You can also choose the volume for each sound that you want to combine and also choose when you want the sounds to stop with the built-in timer. But, Noisli is a premium application, so you will have to purchase it.


Pzizz uses a concoction of calm music, sounds, words and binaural beats to reduce stress and promote sleep. You can choose the duration for the sounds and the application will play a combination from its extensive suite of music. In addition to this, the application also features options to choose the volume of the music, sounds, words and binaural beats, and even choose the between male or female for the voice.

There are over 10 billion combinations, so there’s no chance that you’ll hear a repeated sound anytime soon. Other than this, the application also features modules for both Sleep and Nap. While the application is free, you can pay $9.99 a month for the premium subscription, which has more features, such as a Focus module.


White Noise is one of most-rated applications that you can download. It features an assortment of sounds and music to make the users feel calm and improve their sleep. There are many sounds on the application that can be combined, such as the sound of wind, ocean waves, birds, and many more.

If you run out of sounds, you can always purchase more from within the application. White Noise also features a smart alarm clock, that only wakes you up when you’ve achieved the required duration of sleep, and AirPlay support for iOS devices. There are also many more options and features that you can use! And, the application costs only $0.99 and there is no subscription to access the “premium” features.


Digipill features an assortment of meditation exercises and sounds, that are called “digipills”. The purpose of the application is to calm the users and make them feel more revitalized. With the free version, you only have access to the T-Break sound.

For all the other sounds, you will have to purchase them from within the application. Sleep Deeply, a module within the application, costs $3.99 and is meant for users that sleep for short duration or with insomnia.


Calm, as the name says, is an application intended to make the users feel calm and comfortable. It features an assortment of meditations, which can help you reduce stress and apprehension, and improve your sleep. The meditation exercises are between the duration of 3 minutes and half-an-hour.

Calm also features the Sleep Stories features, which is meant to promote sleep with breathing exercises and other remedies. However, all these features do come at an expensive cost; $14.99 a month. But, it’s worth it when you consider the amount of features that the application has.


As the name states, Lucid Dreamer is meant to promote sleep in users by stimulating a state of lucid dreaming with sounds and on-screen visuals. It makes user contemplate on reality and, hence, provoking a state of imagination in them. The application also features a community aspect to it which allows users to write their dreams down and share it with others.

Lucid Dreamer is a free application, however, you can purchase more features for $6.99, such as an option for custom sounds and visuals to make you sleep better. It may seem counter-intuitive, since the application is more focused on pseudo-science, but it works.